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Highway Resource Solutions was established in 2011 with the sole aim to develop and commercialise wireless temporary safety systems for the highway maintenance and construction sectors. The company's concept was developed following the tragic death of a road worker, who was struck by an errant vehicle within a road closure in 2010. This  sad accident led to the creation of the Intellicone system.


Following on from the first generation Intellicone launch in 2012, Highway Resource Solutions has received numerous awards which include:


2012 Chartered Institute of Highways & Transportation (CIHT)

Health and Safety Product of the Year Award 


2013 Construction News

Most Innovative Product of the Year Award 







The SmartSite project created by HRS uses award winning technology platforms, (designed by HRS), which allows the rapid installation of electronic safety perimeters around and throughout worksites. Although the company has mainly focused on the UK home market, international media exposure has led to initial sales in Ireland,  Sweden, USA,  Australia and New Zealand. 


This is achieved by using a combination of short and long range communication technologies. As a result, there is not only increased site safety but also noticeable productivity improvements. 


SmartSite works alongside other HRS products, such as Intellicone and SiteNav, to provide safety solutions for the maintenance and construction sector to help Create Safer Working Environments. 



Project Goals


The goal is to develop, demonstrate and market a highly modular safe site management solution. SmartSite will be a key enabler to help achieve more efficient and safer maintenance and construction activities whilst helping to support the transition to zero traffic disruption due to inspection, construction and maintenance by 2030. 


The above will be achieved whilst still reducing the number of injuries resulting from run over incidents and accidental damage to overhead infrastructures such as cabling or bridges. Looking ahead, by collecting real time deployment, site breach alerts and vehicle movements data,  it will be possible to generate statistics to help improve future worksites.


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